Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Yankee Visit

Let me begin this post by saying that I am absolutely honoured to be nominated for the BoB awards. Never thought I would be. All the best to everyone preparing for applications, gmat etc. and may this season bring success to each and every one do you. I am currently in the US, have been for 2 Weeks now. Visiting family and seeing the sights. Went around to Los Angeles, went to see the jay Leno show and came on tv, sat next to Jon Voight on the flight to las Vegas, had tons of fun in vegas and spent 6-7 days exploring NYC. During the last 2 days however I went around school visiting and went to Wharton and NYU Stern. Thought I'd share m views 1. Wharton - was a terrific experience. Sat in on a class by Prof. saikat Chaudhary. Excellent class on mergers and I came thoroughly impressed with the students - 2-3 were extremely smart basis the class discussion I observed. Took a campus tour as well. Loved it. All in all, it will definitely be my top choice in app season besides hbs 2. Stern - doesn't have a campus. Nyu is a bnchmf buildings here and there in Greenwich village. I wasn't too impressed with any aspect of the school, especially after Wharton. The main thing that stands out is location. A lot of people lay emphasis on the fact that it's in NYC. I think what you also need to consider is it's location within NYC. It's miles ahead of Columbia as a location, and I would die to live in Greenwich village, probably the liveliest neighbourhood ever. As a school, not my top choice but it may just be my 'NY school' option I head back to India tonight, post which I have 3 weeks of study time until my GMAT. My purpose of visiting the school was to gain inspiration and Wharton did that for me immensely.

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  1. So sad that we missed each other during your trip to the US. Heck you even came to my town, but I wasn't here. Good luck in your final preparations for the GMAT.

    Just so you know I'm doing an exit interview with Beat the GMAT about getting into Wharton. It's on May 8. They're asking me questions about my GMAT strategy, application strategy, interview, etc. We've talked a lot through this application process so I don't think a lot of my story will be new to you. However, since it's for Wharton I figured you might be interested.