Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: Clear Admit School Snapshots

Before I write this review, let me first congratulate the winners of the best of blogging contest. I hope in the coming few months I would be able to offer much better advice for everyone visiting this blog. And also hopefully will have good news to report on my admits.

ClearAdmit School Snapshots
I received an email from Clear Admit offering me a sneak preview of an upcoming product. These are called School Snapshots and are essentially, well, a snapshot of each school you would be considering applying to. I was sent the Wharton snapshot - an excellent and maybe pre medidated choice, given I visited the school during my recent trip to the USA.

What a Snapshot covers
I see these clearadmit products becoming the 'Go To Guide' for each and every applicant at, what I'm hoping, every major business school. Snapshots cover all, and I literally mean ALL basic information you would like to know about an MBA program. Various concentrations a school offers, it's brief history, info on campus, class profile, application numbers, employment information, GMAT scores etc. it's a 3-4 page PDF, which will replace your numerous queries on Google trying to collate this information.

Why does this add value?
- one stop repository
- saves time in researching
- available in clear PDF, save and read on the go, unlike browsing a web page
- I accessed the file and read it on my iPad (writing this from my iPad as well) hence very mobile friendly
- read only relevant information

Why it's not gods gift to applicant-kind?
- I didn't see essay questions covered. Not their explanation etc. but just their mention. Adding those will make these guides essential and even more comprehensive
- data can be represented better - graphs for example don't point out what year the data is for, I assumed its for 2011 and then read it indeed was. Graphical entirety should be re validated
- some more free information can be provided. For example: Bloomberg business week, another free resource, gives not only application numbers, but accepted, yield etc. why not add those?

The obvious answer to your questions - does this I've guidance on essay questions, insider info (best courses, what makes xyz stand out from others etc.), in depth course reviews and other such questions, is a no. For that, Blythe comprehensive school guides.

All in all, I think these snapshots are a very practical and welcome addition to the clear admit repository. I know I'll be downloading all of em this coming fall

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