Monday, March 19, 2012

Prep Update

So I took the GMAT Prep tests. I scored a 750 and a 740, but I would admit that I did 'cheat' a bit. I didn't give up my practice of checking for the right answer after attempting, and hence, in some cases (2 or 3 questions) I actually changed my answer before moving on. Hence, wouldn't say that the score above represents my actual score - but was happy with how I was performing.

I did start my SC prep - read through MGMAT, rather glanced through it, but it helped me IMMENSELY. I then picked up the SC section from the Official Guide, and am happy to report that I got 95% right - amazing accuracy for me, up from high 70s/early 80s. The plan is to wrap up MGMAT SC Guide and the official guide questions by end of this week. Devote next week to CR, the next to RC.

After that, I'm actually going to the US for 2 weeks or so. When I return on the 23rd of Apr, I plan on devoting 2 weeks to my Quant prep. I have scheduled my test for 20th May, so I should be able to get a solid 1 week of tests in between, including a proper simulation on the weekends, including the Saturday right before my actual test on Sunday.

I seem to be on target for a 720+, look forward to a 740+ - Now THAT would be awesome!

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