Thursday, December 22, 2011

Houston ... we have a problem!

So I didn't make it to Kellogg. I put in EVERYTHING I could into the application and it yielded results. I got an interview invite - despite a 690 in my gmat and 3 years WE at matriculation. I am looking at the positives of my experience - an interview invite despite the 'negative' aspects of my application, the whole application experience, the anxiety, the waiting, the speculation etc. and hence, I am in much better shape to face the admissions process next year. I was hoping for an interview invite from Duke but didn't get one. Tuck seems a real DISTANT dream now. So for me, the app season 2011-12 is effectively over.

Here's the plan going forward:

1. Retake the GMAT and score above 740. Take the test before the test switches to its new format
2. Study VERY well this time - don't be over confident
3. Make a list of schools post the GMAT. Start working on essay drafts in June using last year's questions. Even if questions change, the whole process will yield significant value in increasing clarity
4. Apply ED/Round 1 to selected schools. Start working proactively in July
5. Get feedback from friends on essays. Then engage an editing service (essaysnark?) to edit essays for the school I MOST want to get in
6. Wait and hope I don't die of depression by this time next year

Schools I want apply at basis current frame of mind and assuming a 740 on my GMAT

1. Harvard
2. Stanford
3. Wharton
4. Tuck
5. Kellogg

1. Ross
2. Cornell

So here's until the next post. I didn't really say I was off blogging now did i ;)