Sunday, February 19, 2012

Target Set

Its Harvard Business School - Class of 2015.

I have been bruised and battered, but I WILL rise up again, I WILL take this more seriously, and I WILL god damn ensure that the best business school in this world sees the best in me. This is an open proclamation - I'm taking you head on HBS, I am coming to Cambridge, Mass.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

... And we're back

So I am now getting down to my revised plan towards attacking the B School admissions process. Step 1 for me is to retake the GMAT and score around 740, aim for a 720+ at the minimum.

Have been in prep mode for long - started re picking books around Feb 1st and still haven't been able to concentrate enough to 'study' study. I did take the MasterGMAT trial and must say that I think its a tremendous product. It truly exemplifies adaptive learning and I found the whole content very very useful - atleast whatever I did read/study there.

I am thinking about taking the GMAT in March or in May. In April I am visiting the US, and while I am there will def be visiting a few business schools. Will take the GMAT before June, i.e. before it changes.

Off to the books ...