Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tuck Submitted

I just submitted the application for Tuck ... well not just, submitted yesterday. It is my absolute favourite school, and I have resolved that even if I don't make it anywhere this year, retaking the GMAT next year will solely be focused on Tuck. Here's why:

1. Human Process - The overall vibes I got from the school were the most 'human' amongst all business school What do I mean by Human - well for starters their alumni and students do not have any airs at all about themselves and where they went to study. Amazing people. I got a response from each and every Tuckie I reached out to, some followed up even though I sometimes forgot to do so. Their comments were amazing - one of the alumnus told me straight up that if I wanted to go to Tuck, my essays needed to have different career goals. The ones I had wont fly. Other schools such as Columbia, their alumni were so stuck on the brand name that they never put up a red flag! They were like 'well everyone's doing something or the other, so I'm sure you'll be able to carve out your own niche here'

2. Beautiful Environs - I haven't been there, but I've seen official and amateur videos+pics of the place. And it is stupendously beautiful. The small class sizes and beautiful setting is idyllic, and something that really draws me to Tuck. Why not a Duke/Cornell then? well they do too, but Tuck's overall repute and strong focus on general mgmt. edge them out

3. Amazing faculty - Tuck has the highest % of full time faculty, and when a school commits to such a high number of faculty, their commitment shows right back. Saw essays via youtube of classes at almost all the b schools I applied at - Prof. Finkelstein clearly stood out.

4. Career services - I am not too well versed with this aspect, but seems Tuck always figures in the top 3, if not the top, schools with the highest % of students in jobs 3 months after graduation. Wow! - talk about consistency and the career services commitment, not to mention the school's amazing brand name

5. Alumni - this is clearly an outlier. I rate their alumni network the strongest, and got a sense of it when I spoke with students. Not one person was there who did NOT exemplify how strong the network is. And the stories were remarkable. Compare that to a Wharton, where even the alumni who lived in Delhi itself, met for the first time at the admissions reception only. You may feel that this can be quite common, and I agree - but that's exactly how tuck stands out!

Anyways, my rant here is just to show how much i absolutely love the school. As I wait with bated breath (read that somewhere, too dramatic) I sincerely hope that even if I get rejected w/o interview everywhere else, I make it to Tuck. Will probably not ever want anything else in life, well atleast for the next 2 years ;)

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