Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Interview and a Movie

I am absolutely THRILLED about getting an invitation to interview for Kellogg! After having my interview waived earlier, I was fearing a ding at the school. I understand my stats aren't really with me - 690 GMAT, 3 years WE at matriculation, non IIT. But getting this invite is a HUGE morale booster for me - makes me think that the thought process behind my applications was pretty good after all! I emailed my interviewer today, and should hopefully be interviewing with him sometime early next week. I am traveling this week, so will utilize that time to get hold of some resources to better prepare for what may be my only interview this season.

I am still in two minds about applying to Cornell for their MBA/MILR program. Let's see, will work on the essays and ask for the recommendations. Deadline is 30th Nov, so have some time before I need to apply. Will speak with some current students as well.

I saw Rockstar yesterday
The movie started on a very promising note. The music is ABSOLUTELY brilliant. Although you always expect A R Rahman to do really well on his score, this outscores most other soundtracks. The songs "Tum Ho', "Jo bhi Main", "Phir Se Ud Chala", "Saada Haq" and "Katiya Karun" are brilliant. However, the story is OK - nothing you haven't seen before - and the execution is very poor. Ranbir kapoor's acting is solid, and this is probably his best performance ever. Nargis Fakhri is a statue - she can be admired when still, but acting is just not her thing. Dialogue delivery is poor and her face kinds screws up when she talks. Overall, not really a highly recommended watch. Also, this is the second movie where AR Rahman has had injustice done to him - his soundtracks for Rockstar and Delhi 6 are probably the best he has ever come up with. However, in both movies, songs weren't metted out the treatment they should have gotten on screen. Picturization was poor and sometimes even the whole song did not play out on screen.

Anyways, as mentioned the next week or so would be completely devoted to prepping for my Kellogg interview. Hoping I do the best I can ...

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