Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Setup and the Name Choice

Well, as I sit in my room wondering how I can kill time, I think why not start a blog? Maybe thats how (great) blogs are born - out of boredom. That, and an intent to share with the world one's thoughts and views on various topics. I also think a key driver to setup a blog is when you have something you want to write about, just so you get feedback and help from those around you, on subjects you are currently confused about. It is this last reason that is most compelling in my case to setup this blog.

I am currently in hot pursuit of an MBA in the US, and having gone through many blogs of others which have helped me along the way, I hope I can be regular enough to hopefully help others around me some day, well atleast those who somehow stumble upon this blog.

The choice of name "UnClearAdmit" is a play on words on the infamous admissions consulting company - Clear Admit. No offense to them, in fact they are an inspiration with their insights into the complicated process of applying to B schools and the baggage that comes along with. However, as I sit at home today and reflect on what has transpired thus far, it is all the more clear to me that I am really ... an unClear Admit. There is NO visibility whatsoever as to what the outcome of this admissions season will be. And hence, I chose the name. I initially checked for Zazzles - please dont get me wrong. It has nothing to do with my fascination with such words. I am a big fan of the Big Bang Theory, and the way Sheldon Cooper (real life - Jim parsons), uses this word, its hillarious. It wasn't available - I guess many 'nerds' in the cyberspace blogging based on The Big Bang Theory names - however as I was brainstorming, suddenly UnClear Admit came to mind. i checked, and Voila! the name was available.

I do understand that if and when this blog becomes famous, although that is not the intent as I write tonight, I may receive an email from the ClearAdmit team. But until then, here's to what I hope will be regular blogging! Cheers and godspeed to all applicants this fall

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